Subtle changes bring curriculum into converged world

Sara Quinn just said we should spend less time on what we are teaching and more time on what students are learning.

Give students an awareness. Things don’t have to change dramatically; they can change subtly.

Cheryl Pell wanted to make subtle changes so she added “Designing an iphone app” to her newpaper design class. They come up with the concept, the rationale and the design of the app. They don’t create the app but they start to think that way and they design what it would look like on your phone.

Another instructor here has adapted her syllabus to have students create scripts and making sense of things.

In my JRN 202 Writing for the Mass Media class, there is a section on writing for the Web. I have students work in group conceptualize a multimedia site and pitch the idea to an editorial board. They have to show what would happen when you enter the site, what the reader can learn and tell the board what photos, videos, podcasts, pieces of writing and great headlines they would see if they went to the page. They have to WRITE the copy for the site and learn the concept of shorter, crisper bits of information. When they presented their sites at semester, I nearly cried I was so happy.


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