Sara Quinn and Converged Journalism. Mars and Venus?

I am sitting here in this session going crazy. It isn’t that Sara Quinn is a bad presenter. She is far from that! She’s just posing so many questions about converged journalism that I find myself hungry for the ANSWERS. I am going to split this blog into portions so you can see the line of thought, and perhaps join me in screaming—“Give me more. Give me more!”

According to Quinn,

There is not just ONE way to create a converged journalism curriculum. (Quinn used the example of schools deciding to drop accreditation to follow a more professional development curriculum—and others not doing that—as an example of how you can also approach convergence in different ways.)

“When we get that new media hire—that will solve all our problems.”  Sometimes we hang our hope on one person. Does this work? How can you get to the point where you have a total infusion of everyone thinking new media at the same time?

Groups that have left the Poynter after having discussions about new media have left with new hope.

Individuals can make incremental steps like introducing stories in your classroom that can be told in different mediums. What if you made a small change in your syllabus that introduced a slight change of perspective?

This is wrong: “We need to learn Flash.” It’s a complicated piece of software. Every time a new version comes out, there are big changes. It is impossible to be on top of every piece of software.

The thinking is what we need to infuse in students. What is the story about and how can we best tell it.

What we need to present to students: Multimedia thinking in context.

2014: Video by Poynter on the future of journalism. They talk about it from a futuristic perspective. Watch it.

We need to turn out students who are flexible, knowledgeable, ethical decision makers. It is so tough to give students everything they need.


Times are tough and we have all of these things we think we need

The “tools” may be how they conceptualize stories.

Framework for multimedia  graduates

Understanding the world from the world a numbers

Understanding the rate of inflation

Understanding the history of the city and world you live in

Being able to conceptualize and step back and take a look at things

Concrete, specific things you can take back and work on to develop multimedia programs

Journalism school enrollment is up but the worry is where are the jobs?

People need to KNOW things

The Business will change but the need will be there

The form will change but the need will still be there

What do young journalists need to know?

“Equip yourself to work like mercury.”

“You need to be capable of changing shape and direction in response to the environment”

What skills did it take to put the following story together?

Case study, Interactive Narratives, NYT “Exonerated, freed and what happened then”

Prisoners who have been released due to DNA evidence (Nov 25, 2007)

Sara thought—big story, lots of info: Limit it. Tell the story of one person. Get someone to care about it.

But that is not what the NYT did.

Has a series of quotes from prisoners answering the question how they have changed

You can click on a person in the data base and find out about them.

You can choose a category for comparison: Oldest, compensation

This project needed photographers, writers, interviewers, graphic designers, audio folks. How many of us have a single student who can do all of this? Once you identify all the skills and jobs needed, how do you send them in the right direction? And how do you provide the conceptual framework? Are there people who have both the journalism and the tech skills? Should our designers be taking geography—geomapping? is a data base that was developed by a journalist (27 years old) who really thinks pretty far out there! Where do we teach database reporting?

Be still my aching brain!


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  1. Hey, absolutlty love the site and will definatley be coming back in the near future!

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