Ethical Issues are so important in new media

Sara Quinn really made us think about decisions we make on what we post.

Ethical Issues that might come up with the choices we make

She showed a video about a mom who was a helicopter pilot in the service. Her little boy talks about his fears, etc. The first video had no music. The second video was exactly the same but had music in a minor key. The third video had happy music. The totally different feelings from the three videos are worth discussing.

To add music to a news video, you have changed what is real.

Really important to discuss slide shows and what message we send when we put music to them.

Augmented Reality? First down line in football games. Cutaway graphic on how something works. Showed a picture of a city and then the augmented reality was a cell phone with the same picture, but you can click on it to see what houses are for sale, what restaurants are nearby, etc.

She played a BBC broadcast of Obama’s First 100 Days and showed how Al Tompkins discovered they had edited his speech (audio) to delete some parts of it. Not ethical. Important to teach.

She played a video that had been enhanced with new software. Is it ok to remove the camera shake? To remove the fuzzy parts? To take out reflections? Turn color to black and white? You have changed what is real.

We need to teach awareness.


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One response to “Ethical Issues are so important in new media

  1. Helen

    Your post brings up really interesting points about new media ethics- the internet opens up many new opportunities for storytelling, yet also the possibility to misrepresent stories in ways that the storyteller may not even realize, like your examples with the music or enhancing the quality of the image. It’s a great argument for the importance of digital media literacy.

    -Helen (Mickey/Michelle’s cousin Jan’s daughter)

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