Technology that will make you cry

Since I started this blog, technology has brought me to tears many times. No technology, however, has teared me up like an attachment to an e-mail I received last week.

It was a picture. It looked a little like a bean and it wasn’t very clear. In fact, it was dark and murky.

One look at it and I had to bring over the entire box of Puffs Plus because there in front of me–in living black and white–was an ultra sound picture of my first grandchild.

I’d like to say he/she has my eyes or smile but technology hasn’t advanced that far yet. For now he/she’s a bean. A cute little bean that makes me cry.

When I was pregnant for my soon-to-be-grandchild’s mother 31 years ago, I never had an ultra sound. We never knew the sex of the baby and probably the worst thing of all, we didn’t have a microwave until our second child was born four years later. I was determined NEVER to carry a dorky diaper bag, NEVER to arrive at someone’s house with a baby plus 16 trips to the car to bring in junk, and NEVER to fall prey to the latest “gotta-have-this-to-be-a-good-parent” technology. My husband and I avoided the pacifier, used cloth diapers and made our own formula (after nursing days were done).I loved it!

But, I got a little stressed the other day when my daughter asked me to list the things I used as a mother that were invaluable. She wants to avoid the “gotta-have-it” technology, too. How do I tell her that the first thing I’d go out and buy is a Flat Screen Video baby monitor so she and her husband can watch my grandchild at all times? I think my daughter needs the wrist-watch-size monitor, too, so she can be free to use both hands instead of having to hold a big assed viewing screen.

I’m researching other “gotta have it” technology, too. But in the meantime I’m also stressing over what the new baby should call my husband and me. We don’t want to be Grandma and Grandpa. My parents are still living as is my husband’s mom. Plus, we want to be called something cool. Thanks to the computer, I was able to research grandma names and get results in seconds. Nana sounds good. But then do you call grandpa Pappie?

My husband’s last name is German, so do we go with the German words for grandma and grandpa? Omi and Pop? Pop is fine but I am not going to be called Omi. Or the Italian for Grandma—Nona? Or Mimi? Or the trendy G-mom and G-daddy? Maybe not—at least not until my husband starts his rapper career. Grammo, Grammie?

Nah. I am actually leaning toward the Greek words for Grandma and Grandpa—Yaya and Papoo. If you knew my husband, the “poo” part of the word fits him perfectly. And I love Yaya. Maybe Yaya and Yoyo?

I have until April to come up with substitutes for Grandma and Grandpa. Then I have to get them approved by my daughter and her husband. Once we get there I would be willing to bet our grandchild will take matters into his/her own hands and call us what he/she wants. Maybe that’s not all bad either.

But there WILL be a flat screen video baby monitor in the crib. The challenge is to see whether we can remotely watch and listen from about 160 miles away. . .



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4 responses to “Technology that will make you cry

  1. Jessica

    Yaya & Papoo, LOVE IT! Haha, you will have to see what Dad thinks, though. I see Papoo quickly becoming Poopoo. If you are Yaya, I think he could be Papi or Papa.

  2. Bonnie Young

    Congratulations on the new grandchild to be. It was Grandma Pollard or Wood for me. So formal! Lorna made up her own word for her grandparents–“ba-gum.” Her son calls me the Up State Grandma. He is a little confused since I moved down state. Lorna & Shannon sent me ultrasound pictures when we were in Alaska. I know what you mean. What a treasure. Shane’s son Joe calls me Grandma B. What ever the name you will love being a Grandma!
    Love, Bonnie

  3. Jean

    What a great post Yaya! Again, congratulations to all of you!

  4. Katie Laskowska

    Congratulations on your soon to be grandchild!
    My boyfriend’s grandparents are referred to as “nan” and “pap” which I always thought was cool, but I like your Greek idea as well.
    And spring birthdays are the best in my opinion. Mine happens to fall right on Easter this year, ha.

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