MIPA workshop continues the Technology insanity

I just posted my first picture on Twit pics. Ok, I had to embarrass myself publicly and ask how to do it. And then I had to do it three times before I got it right. But, after successfully answering my cell phone when it rang, I even helped Jody Mackey start a Wiggio account. Yes, Wiggio. Before the name set in, I called it Hulio, Chelios, Wiglet and Wigwam. At this moment I am fairly positive it’s Wiggio.

This amazing site lets you share information with a class, a group of friends, a staff. You set up an account at wiggio.com and invite others to join. Then you can post handouts, share pictures, run polls, communicate in a discussion forum like way and do lots of other stuff I haven’t figured out yet. I love it. I think.

This new knowledge comes months after my last blog. I’d like to apologize for my absence. In fact, I’d like to tell you I was kidnapped by aliens, taken to the planet zumba and reprogrammed into a Cindy Crawford like techno queen. I wasn’t. My absence began with a simple phone call. A phone call at 11 p.m February 15, 2009. It was my friend, Diane, calling to tell me her husband–my husband’s best friend since second grade–had had a stroke. They were on their way to the hospital in Saginaw.

The guy is 56. He had a hemmoragic stroke. Bleeding, swelling, awful things going on in his brain. Monday night they took him into surgery at 9 p.m. to save his life. We were left with the encouraging words of the neurosurgeon–“If we don’t operate, he will die. But, he could also die from the operation.” He lived and spent the day this past Sunday with my husband, sighting in his rifle at Camp Misrey, a place that lives up to its misspelled name in so MANY ways!

I now call February 15 “the day the technology died.” I did set up a Caring Bridge site for the family and it was a wonderful way for people to see photos, check Jeff’s progress and limit their calls to the family. Other than that–I was a no-tech girl.

Coming back to the techno world in July, I had some catching up to do. Each day it seems I am learning something new, something that would have made my life SO much easier if it had existed years ago. If you’re “mature” like me (my family will definitely say that is the wrong word to describe me) don’t be afraid of new stuff. Don’t be embarrassed if you get the name screwed up or have to get directions a few hundred times. Sooner or later it gets easier. And nothing, I mean nothing, is better than being at a high school journalism workshop and dropping words like wiggio, tweet and hash tag–looking into the blank faces of kids 40 years younger than me– and realizing I may be more techno savvy than I realized. High five for Betsy Rau!


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  1. Jesse

    This post made me smile! Go Betsy : )

    and go wiggio, too ; )

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