With the technology comes the vocabulary. Poop.

Since my rebirth I have discovered time after time that it isn’t only the technology I need to master–it’s the vocabulary as well. My Twitter experiences are the best examples.


I was in Atlanta last Monday at Screen5ive–a company that is developing online publishing tools for high school journalists–and asked what I thought was a simple question: How can I create a group in Twitter so I can have students submit leads?


The answer–to them of course–was also simple. Create a hashtag.


Although I never inhaled, I do recall some of my college roommates labeling the good stuff and then labeling the really really good stuff, but I was pretty sure this wasn’t what a modern day hashtag was. If it was, I was going to have to find another way to create a group ’cause that stuff made me scoop potato chips into my mouth in two cup servings at the rate of 8 cups a minute. The raw cracks in the corners of my mouth were enough to cure me of that habit–quickly.


In an attempt to learn more about hashtags and the world of  Twitter, I signed up for a webinar (yup, there we go again with strange new words) sponsored by newsu.org. I paid my $24.95,  sat down at my computer and logged in promptly at 1:50 p.m. for the 2 p.m. class.


It was great! When the facilitator used the word hashtag, I was with her, sista. I had done my homework and knew it was a word proceeded by the pound sign. Example: #dumbshit. (Ok I did something wrong when I typed the pound sign because everything in this freakin blog is now big and gray and I can’t undo it.)


In Twitter (now it’s back to normal and I didn’t do anything) my mistake would be called a Twhoops. That’s a word I learned very quickly.


I can ask someone to DM me (be gentle please) and I am really asking for a direct message.


I can Twoosh (without being anywhere near the toilet handle) and I’ve successfully created a full 140 character Tweet.


I can TweetUP (no, that isn’t tooting while sleeping on your tummy) and meet up with someone I have met on Twitter.


I can download the Twitter application Twhirl (what happens right after I Twoosh) and have Tweets from people I follow show up just like an instant message. I left it on yesterday while I was shopping and my husband couldn’t figure out why my computer was burping. He probably wondered what I was Twitterfeeding it. Except that’s automatically posting a Tweet when I publish a new blog. Go Twifigure (that’s a Betsy original!)


If you are interested in hearing me Tweet, you can look me up in the Twellow pages or Twoogle me. When you do, I will Tweet you a high five and see if you are interested in Twisting with me–right before I welcome you with open arms to my new Twitterverse!



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3 responses to “With the technology comes the vocabulary. Poop.

  1. Brendan

    When I do my research project on Twitter I may have to consult you…maybe then I will gain an understanding of Twhat the hell you are talking about!

  2. Jean

    thanks for the potato chip giggle!

  3. katiebelle9

    Potato chip munchies, classic. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve never heard of any of those twitter terms.

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