How do I move the stinkin’ headline?

I could scream. In fact I just did. Very loudly. It was a scream so loud and primitive that the neighbor’s dog howled with me.

And our closest neighbors are five miles away.

Ok, a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.

After looking at all these great pages created by my 202 class I decided it was time to move into the big time and change “Betsy Rau’s blog” to something a little sexier. And upload a photo. And change the gray to something more exciting. You betcha. All I had to do was pull my husband away from 24 for a few minutes, shove a camera in his face, throw myself on the couch and lean forward to cover my chins and say, “Take it now.” (“Take me now” is reserved for other occasions.)

Easy enough. When he asked why I was doing this I snapped, “Nevermind. Just take the damned thing and I will leave you alone.” Obviously 24 meant more to him than finding out the answer to his question, so he did just that. Took the damned thing and went back to his show.

Minutes later, a show of a different nature was taking place at the dining room table. I hated the picture. In color, my hair looked brassy and I still had three of my five chins, so I switched it to black and white and did a little creative cropping. That was easier than asking Mr. I-love-24-more-than-you to take a second shot.

Because I am typing this into the word press “add new post” box and have lost the entire thing once before (or twice) I am now copying it. Excuse me for a moment.

Ok. So then I figured out how to upload the photo and successfully changed the name of my blog–after using the help function and figuring out that little man inside there likes “header” better than headline. Jerk. I’ll show you some header.

Actually, he showed me. There, plastered over my nose, was the title of my blog. Er, header of my blog. And as you can see, it is still there. And will be, I assume, until some little smart alec in my 202 class shows me how to move it.

Bring it on, 202!

Pretty please.



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3 responses to “How do I move the stinkin’ headline?

  1. Jean

    Betsy – I think it’s a great photo – even if your nose is covered! I’m enjoying your blog.

  2. Jessica

    I love the pic, love the blog. Seems you are gaining on everyone in the world of technology. You should try and figure out how to post your students’ blogs to your blogroll so we can all read too. (Mom, did I use that apostrophe correctly?) Now if only I could get back to blogging! Of course, that means I have to cook some real meals. Maybe I should change my focus… 🙂

    Good work mamacita!

  3. mcgau1bw

    People still watch 24? Hmm…

    Funny stuff, keep it up. Thanks for making me crave a burger @ Freddie’s by the way!

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